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Chandlee Electric is a commercial electrical company that provides complete electrical installations and repairs on projects for Chandlee and Sons Construction Company and other commercial contractors.

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Chandlee Electric, LLC and Chandlee Electric Home and Office Technology, LLC are two companies under the Chandlee Holding, LLC umbrella offering full electrical services across the expansive metro Atlanta area and surrounding cities. 

CHANDLEE ELECTRIC is our commercial electrical contracting company that provides complete electrical installations and repairs on projects for Chandlee and Sons Construction Company and other commercial contractors. We purpose to provide the very best components and services for new and retrofit projects according to plan specifications under the supervision of licensed master electricians.

Chandlee Electric provides the following electrical installations and services: 

  • Installation of electrical service: Feeder lines, disconnect, panels, conduit and wiring
  • Installation of lighting fixtures, fans, outlets, switches and necessary equipment to connect power services to any commercial space
  • Line voltage and low voltage applications

Special services also provided:

  • Wholesale lighting acquisitions and supplies directly from the manufacturer 

CHANDLEE ELECTRIC HOME AND OFFICE TECHNOLOGY is the result of a merger between Oriel S. Samuel’s Home and Office Technology company with our Chandlee Electric company on June 15, 2016. Through this merger our company is now able to offer a variety of control systems for both business and home applications.

Chandlee Electric Home and Office provides the following ‘smart’ applications:

Surveillance, security, and fire alarm systems 
Satellite television, intercom and phone, and audio and video systems
Structured cable systems and both in-wall touch and wireless touch screen control systems
Access control and conference room communication systems

The offices of Chandlee Electric, Chandlee Electric Home and Office Technology, and Chandlee and Sons Construction Company are located in Suite A at 8181 Industrial Place in Alpharetta, Georgia. For a free consultation and quotation please call 678-278-9226 or email info@chandleeelectric.com between the hours of8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Additional contact information is found under the Contact tab in the menu bar above.